Off duty cop reported to have accidentally shot a juvenile


Baltimore County Police confirm they are investigating a shooting that occurred in the 9600 block of Southall Road in Randallstown, 21133.
A 14 year old victim was transported to the hospital after police & EMS were dispatched to the scene around 6:00 Monday evening.
Police say that the initial investigation has indicated that two armed security personnel that are off duty BCoPD officers were working for the Woodridge apartment complex in the 9600 block of Southall Road (21133) when they received a call from management about people in a vacant apartment under construction.
The security officers approached the building and were able to see and hear subjects inside. As one of the security officers watched the building, a person came out on a balcony.
At this point one of the security officers is said to have pointed his weapon in the direction of the subject and his gun is said to have accidentally fired.
The subject on the balcony was shot by the accidental discharge and fled the scene to his nearby home.
The victim is said to have non life threatening injuries & was transported to the hospital.
The off-duty officer whose weapon fired will be placed on administrative status during the investigation. Like all BCoPD police involved shootings, This incident is under active investigation by the Baltimore County Police Homicide Unit.
Police have not released the name of the officer who fired his weapon, they also have not released if the subject was determined to have been committing a crime in the reported vacant building.

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