Dundalk man carjacks his grandmother, dumps vehicle in water


Officials say that a Dundalk man is in custody after he carjacked a vehicle and drove it into nearby Bear Creek.

On September 15th, Police responded to the 1700 Block of Inverness Avenue for a reported carjacking. Police say that their initial investigation indicates that a 75 year old woman had gone to get something from her vehicle when her 33 year old grandson took the car keys from her, pushed her to the ground and then drove off in the vehicle.

The suspect, identified as 33 year old Jason Daniel Wenner, drove the vehicle into Bear Creek near the 8200 Block of Beach Drive; less then half mile away from where the incident began. After he drove the vehicle into the water he proceeded to exit the vehicle, swim to a pier and remove his clothes before unsuccessfully attempting to steal both a jet ski and a boat.

Police took the suspect into custody without incident, he has been charged with robbery, carjacking and other related charges. He is being held at the Baltimore County Detention Center on $250,000 bail.

Wenner Booking Photo

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