Fort Howard development cited for violations.


Baltimore County code enforcement has formally charged Ft. Howard development, LLC with numerous code violations.

The charges come after Baltimore County says the developer failed to meet the order of the fire department to repair or replace defective fire hydrants by January 2nd 2015, have the replaced/repaired hydrants tested and inspected by the National Fire Protection Association, and to maintain a fire watch 24 hours a day.

Baltimore County says the developer allowed defective fire hydrants to remain in service from at least December 24th, 2014 to the date of the citation issued, July 31st 2015. The county also says that the developer failed to maintain a fire watch from January through May 2015.

As a result, Baltimore County requested the assessment of a civil penalty of $43,800,00 and an order requesting the developer to repair the property to its original condition. Baltimore County department of permits, approvals and inspections has requested the assessment that they have the order to enforce the December 24th, 2014 order of the Baltimore County Fire Department.

On July 31st, 2015 a notice to abate several issues at the property was issued. Those issues included;

“Failure to sufficiently secure the perimeter of the instant property where repeated acts of arson have occurred destroying many structures on the site.”

“Failure to sufficiently secure all fire damaged structures upon the property.”

“Failure to provide adequate water supply to the fire hydrants servicing the property.”

“Failure to clear combustible materials in the form of dead vegetative debris in various open areas including the parking lot at the southeast corner of Antietam St. and San Juan Ave.”

The county cited the previous 4 issues as having the following effects,

placing the health, safety and welfare of the public at large in jeopardy, including the residential neighborhood surrounding the instant property, the daily patients of the onsite Outpatient Clinic, as well as those members of the public who visit the adjacent Fort Howard County Park.”

Members we’ve spoken to of the community are especially outraged that the developer has failed to meet all the requirements, citing safety concerns for firefighters (the closest fire station being the North Point-Edgemere Volunteer Fire Department) and the allowance of historical property to be mistreated and destroyed by trespassers.

BBNN has reported several fires over the past year, including two that brought down abandoned dwellings on the property. and a fire that destroyed an overgrown trailer.

The developers original plans included adding more then 1,300 homes to the property. In June, Baltimore County Councilman Todd Crandell, who represents the area said that he opposes the redevelopment plans for the property. He stated he will not support zoning legislation that would be essential for the project to move forward.

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