Man Injured After Jumping Off of Crane in White Marsh

Officials say that a man from Oregon has been hospitalized after jumping off of a crane at a White Marsh construction site.

Monday night at 8:12 pm, police and fire crews responded to the 8200 Block of Town Center Drive for a report of an injured person.

According to police, the investigation into this incident has indicated that a man who worked for the construction company at the site had jumped from a 160 foot crane, when he jumped, the parachute he was wearing malfunctioned and did not fully deploy. He was injured after landing on a steel box.

The man has been identified as 33 year old David Matthew Mazik, of the 15800 block of Southwest King Richard Drive in King City, Oregon. He was transported to an area hospital, details on his current condition were not released.

Officials say the man was wearing two GoPro cameras on his helmet during the attempted jump.

The site of the crane is reported to be the future location of an indoor skydiving attraction.

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